Frequently asked questions

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues. It is a way of exploring and thinking about things that are worrying you in a safe, calm and non-judgemental environment. Counselling can also help people if they are not sure what to do by giving them some time to think through possible ideas. All of us at some point in our lives will experience times when we feel that we are overwhelmed or cannot cope. These feelings often impact on other areas of our life. These feelings may affect our work, family, our relationship with others, or our personal life, to the extent that we feel unable to live in a successful or satisfactory way. This may be the time to seek out a counsellor.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

I appreciate how difficult it can be making an enquiry; often when people contact me they are in distress and looking for some help as soon as possible. In most cases, I will be able to see you within a week of you getting in contact, sometimes I might have a space available within a day or two.

What happens in Counselling sessions?

When we meet for the first time, we will talk through the issues that you are experiencing and how counselling might be able to help. Sometimes people have clear goals of what they want to achieve from therapy, other people have no idea what they want to work on but know they just want to feel better. This is something we would discuss and agree together. In the first session, I will ask some questions to gather information that will give me an insight into your life and presenting issues - I may note a few things down that I feel are important. I will also talk through the counselling contract and privacy policy so you know what to expect from me. In future sessions, I will encourage you to talk about your feelings and emotions - I will listen to you and try my best to understand and support you without judgement. I will aim to help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and thought processes and encourage you to find solutions to the problems you are facing. I will not analyse, advise or tell you what you should do, but I may offer a suggestion or two if I think it might help.

How much does Counselling cost?

My fees are £40 per 50 minute session. The first session is an assessment to talk through the issues you are having and how counselling could help with no obligation to begin therapy - after this session you can see how you feel. Payments can be made by credit or debit card or via bank transfer. (I am not currently accepting cash payments due to COVID-19)

How many Counselling sessions will I need?

Everyone is different, and so there is no set number of sessions that each person has. The length of your counselling journey will very much depend on your personal circumstances and needs. I would recommend that you commit to six sessions and then we can review the work we are doing. For some people, six sessions is enough, other may choose to access therapy for several months or even years. We would have regular reviews to check you are getting what you need from the counselling sessions, and ideally agree an ending together.

Will my sessions be Confidential?

Yes. All sessions are confidential. There are some exceptions to this related to child protection issues, terrorism and acts of treason which are fully discussed in the first session and outlined in the counselling 'contract'. I do not share infomation with any person, professional or organisation unless you ask me to, or give me consent to do so. The clinic itself is in a discreet building and can only be accessed by people who have prebooked appointments, using a doorbell system. The therapy room is soundproofed and music is played in the hallway for extra reassurance and comfort.

Is there any parking nearby?

There are several carparks within walking distance of the clinic: • Riverside Carpark (Mill Walk, Nuneaton CV11 5SZ). Maximum stay is 2 hours. • Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council Town Hall Carpark (Mill Way, Nuneaton CV11 5AA). • Ropewalk Shopping Centre Multi-story Carpark (Coton Road, Nuneaton, CV11 5TZ) • Nuneaton Newdgate Street Carpark NCP (Newdegate Street SP, Bond Street, The Butts, Nuneaton, CV11 4EU)
Most car parks cost £1 per hour, Monday - Saturday 8am to 6pm. Discounted rates are applied on Sundays, at £1 all day. At all other times it is free if charge and no ticket is required.

Do you have access for wheelchair users?

Unfortunately, the clinic I use is on the first floor of the building without lift access so it is not suitable for a wheelchair user.

Can I book an appointment on behalf of a parnter, friend or family member?

It is difficult to see those we love or care about struggling, and you might want to do all you can to help. Ideally, it is better if the person in question can make an appointment for themselves, if they are able to. I will take enquiries from you on behalf of someone else if you have their full consent.

How do I find you?

The address for the clinic is: Clarity Well-Being Clinic, First Floor, 15b Coventry Street, Nuneaton CV11 5TD. The clinic is located opposite the Nuneaton & Bedworth Town Hall and beside Lloyds Bank, in Nuneaton Town Centre. When you arrive, look for a driveway between Lloyd's Bank and another building to its right (our building). Just look for the signage. Simply walk down the driveway, following the signage towards a grey doorway with a 'Clarity Well-Being Clinic' sign.

Are you still working during the COVID-19 Coronovirus pandemic?

Yes. I am continuing to work with clients at this time, however my normal way of working has been affected. I am currently offering therapy sessions via telephone and face-to-face. The latest government guidance continues to be for people to work remotely where possible, however the government recognise that ‘services related to mental health may be an exception’. For us this means that we could meet face-to-face if this is in your best interest and we can do this safely. I work out of Clarity wellbeing clinic who have issued information for counsellors and clients about being COVID-19 compliant which makes me feel comfortable and confident in working face-to-face in the clinic for those who need it (subject to safety issues being discussed and agreed).

Some of the things worth considering/discussing together are:

  • Your needs and safety
  • My safety
  • Is telephone counselling possible/comfortable for you?
  • Risk factors including age and any pre-existing health conditions
  • Would you be putting yourself at risk travelling to sessions?
  • Any concerns/questions you might have

The clinic’s guidance I mentioned can be found on their homepage here:


Contact me to arrange a chat about how Counselling could help you.

Please note: I will be on maternity leave from April 2020 and therefore am not currently taking any new enquiries.

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